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Dojo Etiquette

Something very important within Japanese Martial Arts, and Japanese culture as a whole is the idea of etiquette and respect.

There are often unspoken rules of engagement, which when broken affect the harmony of the Dojo or situation, and show the offending person to be uncivilised.

Below are some basic expectations for attending class;

Always bow when entering or leaving the Dojo

It is the responsibility of all students to ensure the Dojo is ready for class, this includes setting out mats correctly, and sweeping the floor before and after class, you should aim to arrive in time to do your part.

The Dojo should be treated with respect. Shoes should not be worn in the training area and absolutely never on the mat. Food and drink are not permitted on the mat.

Any training tools should also be treated with respect, you should not touch or use anything without permission

Any spare time before the beginning of class once all tasks have been completed should be spent warming up, practicing, or sitting quietly in thought.

When asked to line up, this should be done swiftly and in a straight tidy line, students should be in grade order.

The class is then opened and closed with a formal ceremony, this is an important element of practice where we all show respect to the Dojo and to one another so everyone should be on time to take part.

If you are unavoidably late, you should get yourself ready to join class quietly and without distracting anyone.

Once you are ready you should wait quietly at the edge of the training area until invited to join the class, if the class is standing you may stand and wait, if the class is kneeling you should also kneel. When invited to join class bow towards shomen before entering the training area.

Listen carefully and follow instructions at all times, this is often important for your safety and the safety of others

When you are being taught a technique you should treat the instructor with respect by paying close attention to what you are being shown, even when you may already know the technique. You should not ever interrupt the demonstration. If you have a question wait until you are invited to ask, or speak to the instructor after the demonstration. Once the demonstration is complete perform a bow before beginning practice

When practicing techniques with a partner, treat them with respect. Be controlled in your application and careful to avoid injury, do not try to make things unduly hard for them, the objective is to assist your partner in learning.

All students are responsible for safe training, this also includes remaining aware of the space around them to avoid collisions or accidents.

You should not attempt to teach others, unless you have been asked to do so by the instructor. You may provide feedback on what you can feel, but you should not make corrections or push your ideas regarding the technique, that is the responsibility of the instructor or those he has placed trust in. You should focus on your own practice.

If you need to ask the instructor a question, go to them and stand quietly until they address you, do not interrupt what they are doing with another student and do not call out, once your question has been answered perform a bow before resuming practice.

The Dojo is a place for practice. Anytime you are not practicing for any reason, awaiting your turn, waiting to ask a question, etc, you should stand/sit quietly to the side. You should remain aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents, and should not ever lounge, or lean on walls.

Talking should be kept to a minimum during class, you should be focused on the techniques and principles being practiced.

Leaving the mat or training area during class should be kept to an absolute minimum. If you must leave the mat for any reason during class (for water, toilet break, etc) this should be done quickly and quietly without disruption to the class. When stepping onto or off of the mat during class for any reason always bow in the direction of shomen.

When walking outside of the training area, to the toilet for example, shoes or sandals should be worn. DO NOT walk into the bathroom barefoot and then step back on the mat under any circumstance.

It is each students responsibility to manage their own personal hygiene. This includes keeping keiko-gi clean, nails short, washing hands before class, tying up long hair, etc...

Class Times & Location

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:30

Friday 18:30 - 20:00


The Old Gym

Croft Lane

Crondall, Farnham, Surrey

GU10 5QF

Please note, we do not accept 'walk in' students.

If you would like to attend practice please make contact first to introduce yourself and discuss your requirements. 

Please contact us for more information

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