Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu 


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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Southern England Yoshinkan

Branch Dojo

Motoha Yoshin Ryu is a Menkyo Kaiden branch of the Hontai Yoshin Ryu, Takagi Ryu lineage headed by Yasumoto Akiyoshi. This is authentic Koryu Bujutsu, an old style Samurai Martial Art originating in the 1600's.   For more information please click here

Our Dojo is located in this spacious, modern, air conditioned studio, on the ground floor within Farnham Leisure Centre.

As shown approximately half of the floor area is matted during class for Jujutsu practice, with the remaining wooden flooring used for weapons practice.

Mirrors run the length of the Dojo, which can be used as an additional tool to help students develop their form and posture.

There is also a separate room behind the Dojo which can be used for changing, and has easy access to bathrooms.

Seating is also available for Parents or visitors to watch class.

Adult Class

Junior Class